Indigenous people seek peace after attacks

First published on Al Jazeera

Davao Del Norte, Philippines – Up on the verdant mountains of Talaingod, a young pig squeals as four men grab its legs and a freshly sharpened bolo readies to slash its throat.

Dahosay Ansam-on, 77, utters a prayer to the Magbabaya, or the “supreme being”...Read More »

Indonesians recognised after decades in the Philippines

First published on Al Jazeera

Davao Occidental, Philippines – On the screen flashed Indonesia’s world-renowned destinations. They were told if they could name one, a cash prize awaits. But many were clueless about what they were seeing, or worse, what the man – who introduced himself as their country’s representative –...Read More »

The People's Librarian

He built a library in the wake of a financial crisis, in the name of the nation’s children. This is the story of Eko Cahyono

BEYOND THE RIVERS OF SUKOPURO, in a house built of bricks and stones, a marriage is falling apart. Her husband of 12 years is...Read More »

What makes one Indonesian?

Why Indonesia? That’s a question thrown at me over and over again ever since I moved to this country.

In most instances, I say the easiest answer so people would let me off the hook: Because it’s a wonderful country. Because your people are warm. Your culture is far better than...Read More »

From love motels to Christian hotels

MANILA, Philippines – In Manila, there lived a “king” who ran motels notorious for hosting two-timers who played with fire or couples who met for short trysts, especially during the love month of February.

The managers even urged hookers in bars to bring their patrons to their motels, so every night...Read More »

Pope Francis lifts troubled Philippine flag carrier

MANILA, Philippines – Emotions ran high Thursday, January 22, as the flight and cabin crew of the country’s flag carrier gathered to recall their encounter with Pope Francis aboard the Shepherd One.

More than 30 PAL employees – pilots and cabin crew – spoke with journalists at PAL’s headquarters in Pasay...Read More »

FamilyMart: The growing Japanese 'sari-sari' store

MANILA, Philippines – In just two years, Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart branched out more than 60 times in Metro Manila.

And by the end of 2014, FamilyMart targets a hundred more to gradually realize their business plan of 500 branches across the Philippines.

The aggressive expansion of the company – competing...Read More »

Life along the borders

BALUT ISLAND, Philippines – “If the waters are calm, we could reach Indonesia in three hours or so,” Alfrede Lahabir points his lips toward the window of his nipa hut, where the Celebes sea can be seen.

“We go to Indonesia at least once a month,” he says in a mixture...Read More »

Should the Philippines legalise prostitution?

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Gently brushing her cheek against her newborn like a breeze in the warmest hours of the afternoon, 20-year-old Adelyn has a lot to thank for since she became a mother.

A young single parent, Adelyn said the birth of her daughter helped her break the cycle of...Read More »